When a new arrival at HMP Hatcham beats up B Wing's top dog and has the other prisoners running scared, Security governor Tony McKenzie is immediately curious. Who the hell is this guy? And could he have something to do with the soaring drug rate that's causing so much violence and self-harm throughout the prison?


As McKenzie investigates, he finds the story behind the new prisoner is more serious, more terrifying than he ever imagined. The only question is, can he avoid getting sucked into the story himself? Or has his job as Hatcham's Head of Security become a battle for life and death - one that threatens the stability of the entire world?

Prison thriller by

Jon Herbert Scott

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"Superbly authentic page-turner that deserves a wide readership. A really good read."

- Jonathan Aitken


"A really enthralling read, a cleverly woven story."

- Diney Costeloe, novelist




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