About Jon Herbert Scott

Hi there. I began my career as a journalist for The European newspaper before joining the prison service to become a prison governor. I worked in five prisons in all, three of them in London. These days I'm back working as a writer. I've written about prisons for the Guardian and London Evening Standard newspapers and also appeared on BBC and Sky TV as a commentator.


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Let me tell you a secret: I'm not actually a very good reader and unless a book is really gripping, I won't get through it. That's probably why I tried so hard to make Trouble on the Wing a good story with so many twists and turns - because, on every page that I was writing, I kept asking myself whether I'd be still be hooked. Or would I, at this point, probably put the book down and turn on Netflix instead? Hopefully I achieved my mission!


At the same time, I really wanted the book to be realistic - to show what life in an English prison is like and, for once, do it from the perspective of staff as well. Tony McKenzie, the main guy, is a flawed but likeable character - not unlike most of the human race, in fact. And I like to think I've humanised this beleaguered Security governor, made his role a bit more understandable. More admirable, even.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.



"Superbly authentic ... I put the book down feeling I'd had a really good read"

- Jonathan Aitken


"One of the best works of fiction I've ever read" 

- Dr Mike Sutton, Internet Journal of Criminology


"An easy and entertaining read" 

- Prison Governors' Association


"I enjoyed this" 

- Russellwebster.com


"A really enthralling read, a cleverly woven story" 

- Diney Costeloe, novelist








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